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What We Do


As a professor at New York Law School, Michael L. Perlin created a curriculum of 13 separate blended online/in person courses in mental disability law and pioneered the first (and only) law school program designed to educate students in mental disability law and disability rights advocacy. Through this program, Michael and Heather Ellis Cucolo -in collaboration with other experts in the field- have taught law students, lawyers, clinicians, judges, disability rights activists and other individuals from a vast array of disciplines, for the last 14+ years. 


 Mental Disability Law and Policy Associates provide online courses, in-house live seminars, tutorials, workshops and CLE's -- both in person and online -- domestically and internationally. We can design courses and materials to tailor fit your specific needs covering a wide scope of disability law and policy. Our main services include:

Online Distance Learning

We have perfected the online education experience and can help you reach potential students and clients worldwide through distance learningOur proven courses and seminars have allowed law schools, graduate schools and other companies (both domestically and internationally) to tap into an ever-growing demand to provide specialized training in mental disability law for practicing lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, criminal justice scholars, criminologists, judges and others. Our services include:

  • Licensing and integration of our proven courses into your existent distance learning curriculum or program;
  • Customized online distance learning courses or programs to meet your specific needs;
  • Distance learning hosting, technical assistance and start-up guides to assist you in developing a distance learning curriculum or program.

Training and Education

As premiere experts in the field of mental disability law and policy, our team will offer institutional and on-the-job training in the ever-growing field of disability law:

  • Instruct employees on how to ethically and efficiently handle disability issues in the workplace;
  • Increase the ethical and competent representation of clients suffering from a disability; 
  • Provide you with the necessary information and educational tools to expand and command your mission in furthering disability rights advocacy.
  • Design and offer Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses.